08 March 2018

Who will be the last man standing?

Who will be the last man standing (in 54)?
Who will have no one mourning him?
No one to chant a requiem,
None to post collages.
When will the 6th enclosure close yonder?
We will know that soon enough.
For the countdown has begun.
A clairvoyant says:
Some souls will crowd the Pearly Gates
To cheer the lonely trudger.
'Buck up mate!' they will say to the trudger.
'Better late than never, mate!
Josh run is over, done and dusted!'

16 January 2018

Subject Verb Agreement

It is a shame that NDTV has even given the editor's name in the below story. NDTV's editing is really horrible.

Drunk Bengaluru Mob Seen Hitting 2 Men On Bike In Viral Video
The man who led the group of drunken revellers and one of his accomplices has been arrested.
Bengaluru | Reported by Nehal Kidwai, Edited by Subrat Nanda | Updated: January 16, 2018 15:58 IST


13 January 2017

God's Gossamer Touch

When will the 700 crores
Get caressed with
God's gossamer touch?
When will all the flora and fauna
Get His touch?
A wise woman said that the flora and fauna
Need His touch the most.
Another wise woman said that
He's started with the weakest
And the hungriest.
And then He'll move to the less weak and hungry.
When will He reach me and my mates?
Will He reach me before I reach Him?
A wise woman said that it'll take a Yug.
But worry not for Kaliyug is passing.

27 February 2016


I have been pounded by a million Thams
I have been levelled by a million front rolls
I have been quenched by sweat and blood
I am the Khetrapal parade ground
But now, Khetrapal,
O Khetrapal
A different tempest is raging in your ground
But now, Salaria
O Salaria
New storms are brewing in your square

01 October 2015

What does 'Exercised' mean?

In this NDTV reportage of 01 Oct 2015 what does 'Exercised' mean?

27 August 2015

Poor Editing

Once again NDTV has done very ordinary editing. See below:

04 August 2015

Censure or Ensure

NDTV tried to say the same thing differently. Instead of their  usual 'slams the government', 'hits back at the government', I suspect they wanted to say 'censure'. But what a mess they have made:


Here is a screenshot of their post. NDTV may have corrected their faux pas in the meantime. But the damage has been done:

Just to make sure what I am saying makes sense below are definitions of  'ensure' and 'censure'.

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