27 February 2016


I have been pounded by a million Thams
I have been levelled by a million front rolls
I have been quenched by sweat and blood
I am the Khetrapal parade ground
But now, Khetrapal,
O Khetrapal
A different tempest is raging in your ground
But now, Salaria
O Salaria
New storms are brewing in your square

01 October 2015

What does 'Exercised' mean?

In this NDTV reportage of 01 Oct 2015 what does 'Exercised' mean?

27 August 2015

Poor Editing

Once again NDTV has done very ordinary editing. See below:

04 August 2015

Censure or Ensure

NDTV tried to say the same thing differently. Instead of their  usual 'slams the government', 'hits back at the government', I suspect they wanted to say 'censure'. But what a mess they have made:


Here is a screenshot of their post. NDTV may have corrected their faux pas in the meantime. But the damage has been done:

Just to make sure what I am saying makes sense below are definitions of  'ensure' and 'censure'.

11 July 2014

Cathode Rays exempted from customs

The newspaper, The Hindu, gave a minute by minute relay of the budget speech.


Below, The Hindu asserts that the budget exempted cathode rays from customs duty.(see statement reported at 12:54 pm)
'Big deal', said the Congress. 'We have always exempted the sun rays from customs duty.'

26 February 2014

Try Again Blocker

Every time I tried to read Vineet's simple thought of the day, I kept getting the below yahoo blocker. Finally, it occurred to me that the blocker is the message:

Try again.

It isn't a simple thought; it is a deep thought. That's what King Bruce of Scotland did, didn't he? After he saw the spider succeed at the eighth attempt? 

27 December 2013

There is no such thing as Zero Error Syndrome

Elbert Hubbard, a US writer, is credited for this quote.

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

Often we use error and mistake interchangeably.
Most corporate honchos and government officials fear to make errors. They strive to keep their watch error free. It is called the zero error syndrome.

But by Hubbard's logic, if you fear to make an error, you have already made an error.
Therefore, there is no such thing as zero error (syndrome).

Hence proved.

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