29 November 2009

I went off the edge

I was living on the Internet,
On the very edge.
I tweeted at the stroke of the hour,
I Facebooked 30 minutes past the hour,
I Myspaced and linkedIn,
I did Orkut and I blogged.

Then one day I went off the edge.

All the neural networks collapsed,
Darkness all over,
It was as if a thick fog had settled down
On the Delhi airport on a wintry morning.
The info tunnel highway became a black anaconda.
But slowly I could make out some shapes in that darkness.
Some silhouettes started morphing into real people.
That is Mr Satish, the charming man who lives next door.
That is Mr Naresh who catches the 9 o’ clock train.
That is …
Oh my God !
That is my world!

04 November 2009

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