07 November 2010

Recovery following the luv curve and the date format

Obama visit: What I learnt on Day one:

Recovery of luv:
I learnt that worldwide the economic recovery is on the luv curve. Nothing amorous about it. The Europeans are on the L curve; they came down like the stem of the letter L; they did not go up again. The Americans are on the U curve; they went down fast like the left stem of U; they are now on a slow recovery like the shape at the bottom of the letter U; in future they are likely to go up like the right stem of the letter U. The Indians and the Chinese are on V curve; they came down fast and are going up fast. So you have LUV curve.

Date format:
The date format of the Americans is not consistent. I use to think that they use the MMDD format, as in 9/11, for example. I discovered that Obama uses the DDMM format as well. When he gave his eloquent speech at the Memorial today he kept alluding to 26/11. There is no such month as the 26th, as we know, so, he must be referring to 26 November Mumbai carnage.

I have learnt a lot from the first day of Obama's visit

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