02 October 2010

I just wanted to forewarn the world.

Last year I missed the opportunity to predict the cataclysmic event that would happen on 7th August. But this time around I want to be the first to report that another cataclysmic event is going to happen at ten minutes past the tenth hour on tenth October.
I remember how last year a story was making the rounds in the Internet that the fifth minute past the sixth hour on 7th August (05:06:07-08-09) was so unique that a minute such as that would not be experienced again in the present millennium. As far as I was concerned nothing much happened. I did not get promoted -as did not a host of others who were looking for promotion that very minute. Of course, a few got promoted at that very minute somewhere in the world. But then every minute somewhere in the world someone gets promoted. As for me, when that tumultuous minute arrived I was in the washroom. The minute came and went.
I am sure something extraordinary will happen at ten minutes past ten on 10th October 10 (10:10: 10-10-10). Perhaps I will get promoted. Remember Lincoln was shot exactly at 10:10. And legend goes that this is the reason why all shops selling wall clocks keep the hands of the clocks at 10:10. I just wanted to forewarn the world.

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