03 August 2008

Playing in the Rain

When I was playing in the rain
I reflected
It was always slippery at the goalmouth
The midfiled was almost always free of mud
Whenever I took a shot at the goal
I always slipped,
I always fell.
The ball went off at weird angles
The goalposts contracted
And became rabbitholes.
So I have always missed.
And I have been playing
For such a long time
In the rain!

29 July 2008

Run, run, run !

I was running with the sun
From horizon to horizon
And I left behind civilizations
Of people sunbathing in frenzy.
But I had become tired
That is when night overtook me
I became desperate
And I started running
Like I had never run before
But the stars couldnt tell me
Where the sun had gone.
I got bruised as I banged blindly
into civilizations
Where people had just discovered
that spark, the flintstones gave.
I paused for a breath and inquired
They didnt know the sun,
Much less where it had gone
So I ran on.

24 July 2008

My Rendezvous

This one was for the valedictory function when I left school and stepped out:

My rendezvous, my rendezvous
My rendezvous ends today.
The steed is brought, the saddle too
And I shall go away
The day is done, the hour has past
So I shall go away
Drain the dregs, O honoured friends
My rendezvous ends today

A tug on reins, a press of heels
To distant lands I'll fly
These melancholy tears, my cheek bears
Will only spell a sigh
Our hearts were near, O very near
Our hearts so very nigh
All will be gone, will flee away
Will lose in that vague sky

My monarch's palace, hemmed in by trees
Through which the cool winds blow
My boyhood's stream, my runnels and rills
A turgid tide will flow
The golden sun, when today it sets
A man will see me grow
So wait your horizons, you thirsty horizons
Devour my dreams slow

Respected teachers, beloved friends
My voice chokes to tell
My rendezvous ends today
So fare thee well

18 July 2008

The Straggler

I would not have turned back
Had the seas remain parted
Had my prophet lingered a little longer
At the shore
Prophets do have so little time
But how can a hundred thousand
Walk abreast on a path meant for one
I struggled to keep up on that footpath
And by the time I reached the shore
The walls of the parted seas came crashing down
So I turned back on the deep blue sea
And faced the devil

10 July 2008

Riddle of the weekend (11July2008)

After a family get together, a group of revellers, who call themselves Awadhi Tigers, received the following mail:

Dear Awadhi Tigers,
Here are the damages for the nawabi gettogether on 12th including Champagne and Cake:
1. Sinha - 546/-
2. Trips - 1,365/-
3. AK Singh - 1,092/-
4. Amriks - 546/-
5. Ajay Gupta - 1,092/-
Cash/local cheque welcome!!!

Fill in the blank below:
At least ....... people were present at the party

Answers on 14July2008

Here is the answer:

We worked this in the following way:
We found that 1092/- was a multiple of 546/-.
But 1365/- had a remainder of 273/- when divided by 546/-. Also, 546/- itself was a multiple of 273/-. So, we decided that 273/- must be the cost of each unit of attendance of the party.
To reinforce this we also looked at how 'Amriks' was written. In this context if one pluralises a name it normally alludes to a couple. Thus, 'Amriks' means Amrik and his wife. So two units made 546/-
If we have 273/- as a single unit, the rest is easy, it totals to 17 persons.

Adding the originator of the mail (dray), the total is 18 persons.

01 July 2008

The Stars came calling

It must have rained stars throughout the night
For when I looked out of my window that morning
My backyard was full of stars.
Somewhere in the jumble the moon was also there.
I asked the stars,
"Why have you left the heavens
And crowded my backyard?"
They said,
"From tonight,
There shant be anymore nights,
Over your home"

27 June 2008

Riddle of the Weekend (27June2008)

Question: Why does the grandfather clock chime happily?
Answer: Because it ........ all day.

Make a seven letter word from the following alphabets and fill up the blank above:


Answer on 30June2008

And the answer is:

Because it 'unwinds' all day

20 June 2008

Wish List

Dance your smile
Then in my eyes
That I look the world
On its size.

Let me take
Those lovely hands
That I breathe again
To cross the sands.

Touch my heart
Then with your soul
That I give it back
What temptations stole.

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