24 July 2008

My Rendezvous

This one was for the valedictory function when I left school and stepped out:

My rendezvous, my rendezvous
My rendezvous ends today.
The steed is brought, the saddle too
And I shall go away
The day is done, the hour has past
So I shall go away
Drain the dregs, O honoured friends
My rendezvous ends today

A tug on reins, a press of heels
To distant lands I'll fly
These melancholy tears, my cheek bears
Will only spell a sigh
Our hearts were near, O very near
Our hearts so very nigh
All will be gone, will flee away
Will lose in that vague sky

My monarch's palace, hemmed in by trees
Through which the cool winds blow
My boyhood's stream, my runnels and rills
A turgid tide will flow
The golden sun, when today it sets
A man will see me grow
So wait your horizons, you thirsty horizons
Devour my dreams slow

Respected teachers, beloved friends
My voice chokes to tell
My rendezvous ends today
So fare thee well


Samir Shah said...

Ashish, your hidden talents were apparent even then! I too remember your amazing skill in putting points across! Blessed to have been in your company 🙏

Raghavan Pk said...

Wonderfully senti, Ashish! Too good, at Class 11!!

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