27 September 2013

One story each on Google and Microsoft


Why did Google give up coffee? Here is the answer:


Microsoft: Apologising for ctrl+alt+delete


I think it is wrong for Gates to apologise. Whenever I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete, I always thought I was doing something very profound. Just Ctrl or Alt or Delete wouldn't be quite the same. Also notice that no one ever says Delete+Alt+Ctrl or Alt+Delete+Ctrl, although the action would be quite the same. These options just does not seem right. QED.

02 September 2013

Comparisons are Odious

Comparisons maybe odious but we never fail to compare Bengal and Kerala-and not for their Left leanings alone.
Kerala's diet is coconut, rice, banana, and fish while Bengal's diet is rice, fish, banana, and coconut. (The order matters).
Kerala's political cycle is Congress, Left, Congress, Left... While Bengal's political cycle is Congress, Congress, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, TNC..
The Bengalee keeps adding alphabets to make new left parties: for eg, CPM, CPML, CPML (KS), CPML (CM)... The Malayalee thinks we need to put a stop at CPM.
Now, these are reconcilable differences. As are such subtle differences as this: the Keralite likes sea fish but the Bengalee likes fresh water fish.
But there is one irreconcilable difference:
The Malayalee husband needs to wear glasses, while the Bengalee husband needs to wear hearing aid. Why?
Because everytime the Malayalee wife addresses her husband, she confirms if he can see: Nokiyoo!! (Do you see?). On the other hand, the Bengalee wife confirms if her husband can hear: Ogo Sunchoo!! (Do you hear?)

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