17 March 2009

Angel Resource Management in Heaven

I was musing on how God must be managing His HR or whatever it is called up there; probably called AR (Angel Resource) Management.

Must be truly a challenging task.

Say, He needs to motivate people(people?) for retention in heaven. He doesnt seem to have any tools for that. How would you motivate angels who already have whatever there is to have? I mean aren't they in a blissful state of 'No-wants'?

And again, suppose He is looking to hire new talent. How would He advertise? I mean, He cant very well say:
To go to heaven, do good and die fast.

Still again, suppose He wants to cut down on the attrition rate. Trust me, there will always be angels who would want out; too much of a good thing, they would say. I am sure He will be loathe to say, "Stick on in Heaven and I will give you what they give in Hell".

1 comment:

nebu said...

GOD made us like him and then we grew up and became human beings
Thats why we are having all the trouble.
In heaven no one is managing anyone. They just do what they have to do and gets on with it.

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