03 September 2009

A pair of new eyes

By the time she reached the hospital, Ryan had breathed his last. But, she remained in control. Ryan would have wanted her this way, always in control. It was different when he was around. There wasn’t much to worry about. He did everything that there was to do. She just went out to practice law. The kids, the homestead and Ryan’s own office were in Ryan’s domain. He did everything.
Now on things would be different, very different. She had to take charge now. What would Ryan have done now? He would have been totally in control. He would have settled the disposal of organs. Oh! My God! I have to move fast else Ryan’s wish to donate his organs after death would never get fulfilled.
Vidisha made herself to calm down and mulled over with a detachment that wasn’t quite the role of a just widowed woman. She called up concerned people and told them that Ryan had wanted that his organs should be donated after death. Doctors and paramedics moved in fast to save the organs for some lucky recipients.
My God! They are going to take his eyes away! His eyes! Please God! Let his eyes be. I love them so much!
Now, often on a Sunday, Vidisha goes to visit this person eking out an ordinary city dweller’s life. And he looks at Vidisha with a smile. The smile reaches his eyes. And Vidisha smiles back. She wonders if there is a connect beyond the eyes to the ether world yonder, wherever Ryan is. But a glimpse of those lovely eyes is enough. God has let Ryan’s eyes be.

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Anonymous said...

So touching,very well written :)

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