22 December 2009

Get ready to face the revenge!

A very strange thing happened today. I haven’t seen such an aggressive cow in my life. Is the effect of climate change working on cows too? Don’t know. But this one really went over the top.
Someone from down below shouted, “Your scooter has fallen down. Just see if everything is alright.” I rushed down to see what the matter was. I had parked my scooter outside the house. I found my scooter lying on the ground, the rear wheel still spinning on its axis. This meant that the scooter had just fallen down. I looked up and down the street. Nothing. Not a soul; no one who could have overturned my vehicle wittingly or unwittingly. I was beginning to suspect that probably the scooter was parked on uneven ground and had toppled on its own.
Then I saw this cow. A pretty well fed cow it was. It had raised its forelegs over a motorcycle that was parked about 30 yards ahead of where I was standing. It my astonishment, it had raised its legs well over the parked motorcycle. And then it caught the motorcycle with its forelegs in a grasp that could well be the envy of a wrestler and pushed it down to earth. It was instantly clear to me who had overturned my scooter.
But why would a cow overturn two wheelers standing on the roadside? And how! Normally, one thinks of a bovine to be a creature that during afternoons staidly regurgitates its breakfast and fans away the flies with its tail; never the one to get excited. So what came over it? Why did it become aggressive? Was it out to take revenge against humanity because it was the cause of global warming? Was it out to protest the reporting in the press about cattle being a major cause for global warming? Or was it showing its anger at me and my neighbors for using up the sidewalk as a parking place?
I really don’t know. All I can say is that I haven’t seen a more aggressive and athletic cow in my life. Maybe global warming is changing things forever. Get ready to face the revenge of the animals.

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