03 July 2010

Be Invisible

I went and tickled the Brazilian goalkeeper when Wesley Sneijde took that shot at the goal. Tickled to death, the Brazilian let in a goal. And now Brazil is history. That really was not my goal. Unfortunately, when one is invisible the urge to tickle a goalkeeper is just too overwhelming.

I quietly loosened the strings of Federer's racket and Berdych cut him out of Wimbledon. Now why did I do that? I, a Federer fan? Very stupid of me. But one does suffer from racket-string-loosening-syndrome when one becomes invisible. One just can't fight this syndrome.

But for the electric shock the live wire surrounding the Kohinoor gave me, I would have brought back the Kohinoor from the British Museum. No one forewarned me this: invisible you may be, but you are still susceptible to electric shocks.

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