25 January 2011

Intell Inside

The Intell company always conducts a test for its new joiners. It takes all the new joiners to a room full of artifacts-computers, laptops, devices, mobiles, even paintings and photographs. You would imagine that the new joiners are a brilliant lot and do not fear the test. After all, they had come up through a battery of tests to reach the gates of Intell. And you are right about that too. The new joiners enter the room with utter nonchalance to face the test.
And the test?

It was quite simple, actually. The company wants to find out how familiar the new joiners are with the the company's product proliferation. The newcomers are given 50 stickers each. All the stickers have the company logo Intell Inside embedded. All the newcomers are required to do is to stick these logos to the artifacts which they think have Intell Inside.

The company is in the business of manufacturing processors and therefore there are very few things in that room that do not have Intell Inside.
The company prides itself that 98 percent of the time, the new joiners get it right. That, among other things, proves the making of a loyal workforce for the company.

Sometimes the new joiners get it wrong - 2% of the time, that is. Sometimes some noob sticks the logo onto this artifact:

Now, if you don't recognise this artifact let me put you wise. This is a potty. The Management frowns on this small indiscretion and resolves to put the errant new joiner on a corrective course.
Other times some newcomer points the logo onto the top of a painting of the visage of the Chairman, Paul Otellini. And the Management smiles. The Management hasn't made too many mistakes in choosing their new Intellians, has it? Mr Otellini's upstairs does indeed have Intell Inside.

And on rare occasions - ever so rare occasions - a bright young lad or lass points the logo to the name Otellini, written at the bottom of the painting . And the smiles on the faces of the Management brethren broaden. Yes, even the Chairman's name has Intell Inside. This new joiner is really a potential CEO.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any character is purely coincidental. All events described in this article are fictional.

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