04 May 2012

Mocking the male gender

Today there were two separate articles in the press / TV channel where the male gender has been needlessly needled. Both the TV channel and the e-paper have immense reputation and prestige.
I was wondering whether this is a coincidence or whether the mocking of the male species is becoming more and more virulent. By all indications the latter seems to be nearer the truth.
This really is gender discrimination in reverse.

Here are the snippets from the articles:

The following thumbnail came up in today's (04 May 2012) BBC's e-edition:

Do Indian or British male players look like this? Decide for yourself.

The following is the title of an article in New York Times e-paper.

Man hole lid theft is on the rise

This is absurd. Who would want to steal a man's innerwear? This is really the limit of insinuation and innuendo

Here is the link to that article:

Man hole Lid Theft Is On the Rise


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