01 November 2013

Two truisms, too true

I have developed Osteoarthritis now (OA). My left knee is all messed up. The doctor said it is an occupational hazard of an infantryman. Well, hazard or not, here I am with OA.
 But the consequence of this affliction is that the doctor ordered me to the gym. As my friend Arun Dhar will tell you, I loathe exercises: of the sandmodel kind, as well as the calisthenics kind. However, doctor's orders are orders; one you needs to cycle and to cross-train at the gym for an hour (An hour??) ( I hope I am not the first one to use cross-train as a verb)
 There are two truisms I discovered at the gym:
 (a) The more you sham in war, the more you sweat in peace.
 (b) When you cycle for 30 minutes in the gym, no matter however fast you cycle, you take the same amount of  time.
Too true, the two truisms?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's sad Dada !! Take care :)

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