08 March 2018

Who will be the last man standing?

Who will be the last man standing (in 54)?
Who will have no one mourning him?
No one to chant a requiem,
None to post collages.
When will the 6th enclosure close yonder?
We will know that soon enough.
For the countdown has begun.
A clairvoyant says:
Some souls will crowd the Pearly Gates
To cheer the lonely trudger.
'Buck up mate!' they will say to the trudger.
'Better late than never, mate!
Josh run is over, done and dusted!'


Rakesh Chhibber said...

Ashish. A lovely post. Yes, who will bring the curtain down on No 54 a house with a Bamboodoor. In this xcountry I don't want to be in the last enclosure. The losses will mount, but we need to close ranks. All the best my mates. Salute to those who have closed the first enclosure.

rajan shri said...

Excellent Ashish.Special cheers as it is coming from hunter mate.

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